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Services Overview

Blue Mountain Energy, through in-house resources and the Sierra Brand representative partners, has extensive experience and expertise in the following areas:

Independent Energy Consultancy

  • Renewable resource assessment
  • Integration of low and zero carbon technologies
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Staff training and awareness programs
  • Feasibility studies

Product Design & Development

  • Initial consultation
  • Feasibility study
  • System design
  • Specification

Metering & Data Services

BME provides a complete metering and energy management service from data collection and automatic report formation, to providing opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Products and services include:

  • Data collection and management
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Smart, main and sub-metering
  • Data loggers
  • New utility connections, disconnections, upgrades and diversions
  • Dashboard displays
  • Reporting
  • Project management

Building Energy Control System

  • Provide fully integrated energy management tool using the latest web-based technology application that controls, analyses and manages energy usage. Building owners and operators to optimize a building’s energy performance and achieve sustainably lower CO2 emissions and lifetime costs.
  • Next generation of energy controls systems that are consistent, repeatable
  • Introducing state-of-the art technology to offer a pre-configurable, easy to install and tamper-proof system that can achieve sustainable building efficiency levels and cost savings.