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Blue Mountain Energy and its strategic partners understand the importance creating a harmonious and efficient design for all building types. Accurate and efficient design is critical in the overall operation of the system as a whole; customers looking to reduce the energy impact using the latest innovative and energy efficient technologies are provided the opportunity to receive application engineering, value engineering, energy performance reviews, training & education as well as the outstanding customer support services.

Through in-house resources and partner networks, Blue Mountain Energy is available to provide you with the consulting support for today’s energy efficient heating and cooling technologies.

Featured Product

NextAire™ 11-ton Packaged Gas Heat Pump

Heating And Cooling That Reduces Energy Usage, Saves Money And Creates A Smaller Carbon Footprint.

Ideally suited for retrofit and new construction applications on commercial and residential structures, the NextAire™ 11-ton PGHP will bring unmatched energy efficiency, outstanding environment advantages and impressive energy cost savings to building owners and operators. Using natural gas as its primary fuel, the NextAire™ PGHP lowers energy cost and enables businesses to avoid high demand kW and time-of-use rates. A unique feature of the NextAire™ PGHP is its energy efficiency. NextAire™ is 50% more efficient than other gas furnaces because it captures and uses the expelled excess heat from the heat pump’s engine. It can be easily installed since its size is equivalent to traditional electric units that are currently being used.

The main features of the NextAire™ PGHP are:

  • It is ideally suited for retrofit & new construction application on commercial ‘flat-top’ buildings,
  • It is available in 132,000 Btu (11-ton) refrigeration capacities; the PGHP uses ozone friendly, next generation R-410A refrigerant,
  • It provides both heating and cooling capabilities
  • It is assembled in the United States.
  • It is designed to operate in the harsh ambient weather of the Southwest desert and the severe humid areas of the Southeast.
  • It operates at just 70 decibels which is over 12% quieter than a traditional electric A/C.

For more information on 8-ton, 11-ton and 15-ton NextAire gas-fired heat pumps visit out products page.

  • LEED Points +
    The Sierra gas fired heat pump significantly reduces energy usage, reduces the electrical construction requirements, eliminates chillers, and eliminates water requirements for cooling. The system overall reduces construction costs, provides significant LEED points, and reduces maintenance of the building.