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Our Customers

Our track record, certifications and Sierra Fresh Air Systems representative network assures educational institutions, corporations and government agencies that BME is worthwhile choice for expert consulting services and as a qualified approach to diversifying their supplier base.


The Federal Government has implemented sustainability goals and energy management requirements for all Agencies. the requirements are outlined by Federal statutory laws and regulations in various areas, such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Building Energy, Renewable Energy Consumption, Energy Efficiency in New Construction and Major Renovations. Setting sustainability goals will allow the Federal Government to improve their environmental, energy and economic performance. learn more


Blue Mountain Energy has developed a strategic partnership with various utilities and energy organizations with one common goal in mind; to design, develop and demonstrate energy efficient technologies by providing technical consulting for research and development, project management, development and distribution of energy efficient heating and cooling technologies utilizing gaseous fuels, our cleanest domestic energy; diminishing the traditional energy consumption, by re-engineering energy usage, creating efficient solutions and driving sustainable cost savings while developing products for unique environments and locations with the energy efficient properties offered by natural gas and propane. learn more

Education Sector

BME offers a variety of products and services to help schools, colleges and universities to develop sustainable cost-saving energy solutions. learn more

Commercial Property Developers

BME works with a number of commercial developers to help ensure their projects are delivered to meet the environmental guidelines and budget restrictions. Projects can vary from offices, industrial, retails, leisure and educational to residential developments. learn more

Hotel, Restaurants & Leisure

BME provides a wide range of sustainable energy solutions to the industry such as the highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) technology delivering heating, hot water and electricity to the building at 85% efficiency. Tri-generation (CCHP) schemes can also provide cold water and cooling where needed. learn more

M&E Professionals and Consultants

BME delivers efficient energy solutions to consultants and M&E professionals. We work together with consultant teams to deliver the best fit for all projects. learn more